Preparation of a child for “responsible life in a free society …”

Believe in yourself
Why has the sorrow taken the world?
Why does the suffering cover their road?
What did we do? – Tell me, Ukraine.
Why do your children live with the pain?
A merry singing is heard from the camp,
it is sung by those who still have the hope,
A great hope to love and to live in joy.
So many things they create with their hands,
Masters of trade – be it paintings, or lands.
From very heart comes a cry, loud and wild –
Do believe in yourself, my child!

Igor Preobrazhensky, 12 years old.


  1. Rehabilitation program of children with cancer.

Purpose of the program:

strengthening the health of children with cancer in remission;
improving the emotional state of children.
As a result of the Chernobyl disaster the number of children with cancer has sharply increased in Ukraine. First of all, this is leukemia, thyroid cancer.

The reason of the growing incidence is radionuclide contamination of the territory of  Ukraine.

  1. Kids Club

PURPOSE – to prepare children for life, train them to survive in the existing society, find their own way out of difficult situations (a good education does not always help);

  • give every child the opportunity to show their personality, to realize their potential, to learn how to communicate in a team.

All children participate in the children’s exhibition store. They prepare gifts for children in orphanages and boarding schools.

  1. Audio Visual Art Studio “Circle of Life”

This studio provides the establishment of programs (TV, radio) by children themselves about themselves and their attitude to the problems of life, the rights of children in our society.

Children have the opportunity to master the art of directing, narration, camera and installation work.

Equipment is provided by UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

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