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Member States admit, that a mentally or physically defective child should live a full and decent life, in conditions which would ensure dignity, contribute to her self-confidence and facilitate the child’s active participation in the community.

Declaration of the Rights of the Child, Article 23

We invite all concerned people to other people’s troubles for cooperation in order to improve the destiny of children, who need support to make a difference.

Under the custody of the Foundation there are 497 children only in Kyiv.

The Foundation provides humanitarian help to children, if it is possible, material.

Voloshin family fosters three children. Two twin girls Daria and Polina were born on 21.11.2005. Girls with childhood disabilities require both humanitarian and financial help (diapers, funds for medicines). Only the father works, the mother is constantly with the girls, she cannot leave them even for a minute.

Family Phone: +38 (044) 543-01-78

There are 15 such families, where two or three disabled children are brought up under the custody of the Foundation.

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